At Club Eurocamp we give all our visitors the opportunity to know, use and enjoy our facilities. Do not miss the opportunity to discover the best facilities for action sports in Europe. Below you’ll find the answers, to the most frequently asked questions, we receive from our customers. If after reading the answers, you still have doubts, contact us.

Opening times and prices

Can I visit Club Eurocamp without being a camper?

Yes, of course. Club Eurocamp offers daily passes for athletes and enthusiasts of all levels. We open from April till October. See the schedule

Does Club Eurocamp have accommodation available?

Club Eurocamp offers accommodation through the Giverola Resort and Camping Pola, located just steps away from our facilities.

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Does Club Eurocamp rent equipment and sports gear?

Yes, of course. Club Eurocamp rents, bmx, scooters and skateboards. We also have a large supply of helmets on hand to rent.

Does Club Eurocamp offer bmx, scooter, rollerblade or skateboard classes outside the summer camp dates?

Unfortunately, Club Eurocamp only has classes available during the summer camp weeks. During camp season, we offer our customers, the possibility to attend daily classes with the rest of the summer campers without having to stay overnight. More information on camp season daily program

How can I get to Club Eurocamp?

There are many ways to get to Club Eurocamp. Please take a look at the interctive map – where we have marked our position.

If you need help, please contact us.